Art and Design in Micropigmentation


Micropigmentation is an aesthetic technique that is used to beautify, correct or harmonize facial or body features in a semi-permanent way by using pigments.

Perfect Eyebrows


A semi-permanent makeup technique, whose goal is to correct or completely rebuild an eyebrow, creating a hyper-realistic and natural effect.

Approximate duration of 1 year

Increased Hair Density

Capillary Micropigmentation

Capillary micropigmentation is a simulation of the hair follicle that gives the appearance of real hair on the scalp (male or female), making it look like the hair is growing.

Approximate duration of 3 to 5 years

Captivating Look

Lash to Lash Extension

The opportunity to have long, curled and thick eyelashes all the time.

Eyelash extensions are individual and are applied without any contact with the skin in order to protect your eyes.

Approximate duration of 3 to 4 weeks