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Newly established in 2014, Baja Hair Center was founded on a strong commitment to clients, employees, and the community. Our team strives to provide quality skin and body care services without compromise, offering clients the latest and best spa, massage, and esthetic services. Here’s what some of our most loyal customers have to say about us:

“Doctor Salas is the very best at what she does! Her office is incredibly beautiful and peaceful to include massage rooms and a sauna. She has a very friendly expert staff. On my first appointment I got a chemical face peel, microdermabrasion, and a full body massage – such a relaxing experience! Doctor Salas’ assistant Miriam is the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. My second visit I received an RF frequency non-surgical facelift, intense pulsed light treatment, and CO2 laser resurfacing with a stem-cell cream treatment afterward. My face has never looked better! I also had Dr. Salas surgically remove a skin growth – I felt no pain during the procedure, and it left no scar! Apparently Dr. Salas travels around the world keeping herself up-to-date with the latest in dermatology, hair, and beauty. I really enjoyed listening to her radio show! A friend of mine had Botox done and she said that every other place she had Botox done that it hurt but with Dr. Salas there was no pain afterward!”

A Dean, Riverside, CA 2015


“After living my entire life in southern California and actively participating in outdoor sports, I have suffered skin damage with actinic keratosis. A friend of mine recommended that I consult with Dr. Sara Salas. She performed a series of procedures, fractional radio-frequency, IPL and fractional C02, to get the best results possible. I am now 6 weeks post-procedure with GREATLY improved skin texture and softness. Dr. Salas took her time to explain the procedures and the results that I could expect. It was a very positive experience and I HIGHLY recommend her!”

Pat D, Newport Beach, CA, 2015

“A great experience. Dr. Salas is a perfectionist. I struggle with rosacea and have kept it under control with annual IPL treatments. Dr. Salas suggested combining IPL with fractionated radio frequency and fractionated CO2. The results were fabulous! I was not in a position to take time off work. Dr. Salas listened and I received a medium treatment with no down time. I couldn’t be happier with how my skin looks and feels! I highly recommend Dr. Salas’ services!”

T. Fee, Irvine, CA, 2015

Baja Hair Center is located at Calle Antonio Caso #2205, Suite 306, Zona Rio CP 22010, Tijuana, Baja California. Call us at 1-855-999-8123 or 619-870-1317 US/Canada or MEX: 664-634-1096. We’ll be more than happy to serve you.

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